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Dental Implants Calgary: Why Southern Alberta Chooses Us

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she decided to choose dental implants for her missing tooth root

Missing Natural Teeth? Let’s Talk Dental Implants, Calgary.

When it comes to dental implants (tooth implants) in Calgary, there are many options to choose from. However, Southern Alberta residents consistently choose our oral maxillofacial surgery clinic for their dental implant needs.

With our expert team and state-of-the-art facilities, we are proud to be the go-to choice for dental implants in Calgary and the surrounding areas.

The Top Benefits of Choosing Dental Implants

Dental implants are a natural way to replace missing teeth

Embracing dental implants offers a cascade of advantages that go beyond mere aesthetic appeal.


One of the most profound benefits is restoring function. This allows individuals to enjoy their favourite foods, smile confidently, and speak with clarity, free from the constraints often accompanying other tooth replacement options.


Dental crowns, supported by dental implants, restore teeth back to their natural strength, look, and feel, offering a long-lasting and natural-looking solution for lost teeth. Unlike traditional dentures that can shift uncomfortably, dental implants provide a fixed solution that mimics the natural mechanics of real teeth, offering unparalleled stability and comfort.

Preservation of Bone Structure

Furthermore, dental implants are critical in preserving jaw bone health and replacing missing teeth.

In the absence of natural tooth roots, the bones in the jaw can begin to deteriorate over time—a process known as resorption. The introduction of a titanium post into the jaw not only halts this process but also encourages bone growth, maintaining the natural shape of the face and preventing the sunken appearance that can occur with bone loss.

This makes dental implants a permanent and natural-looking solution for missing teeth, preserving jawbone and facial contours and providing an alternative to traditional dentures and bridges.


Another advantage is the longevity and reliability of dental implants. With proper care, these marvels of dental technology can last a lifetime, making them a wise investment in both your oral health and overall well-being. They eliminate the need for the frequent adjustments or replacements that other dental prosthetics may require, offering peace of mind and long-term savings.

By choosing dental implants, patients are not just enhancing their smiles; they are investing in a solution that improves their quality of life, supports their health, and provides a sense of security and confidence in their daily interactions.

Understanding the Fundamentals of Dental Implants in Calgary

implant surgery or implant therapy model showing a single tooth implant

At the heart of what we offer here in Calgary is a solution that not just fills the gap where teeth once stood but reinstates the essence of a natural smile.

Dental implants, by their design, dive deep into the mechanics of natural tooth support, leveraging titanium—a metal renowned for its compatibility with the human body.

Implants Are Placed In Strong Jawbone

The procedure begins by meticulously inserting these titanium metal posts into the jaw bone. This acts as the tooth root. The dental implant does not affect the surrounding teeth.

A bone graft may be necessary for patients without enough jaw bone density to ensure the jawbone can adequately support the dental implants. Bone grafts are taken from inside your mouth near where your wisdom teeth were (or are).

Over time, the healing process creates a fusion between the titanium and bone, a bond that underpins the durability and longevity of the dental implant. This integration anchors the artificial teeth securely and mirrors the strength and stability of natural tooth roots, preserving the bone structure and providing a firm foundation for a replacement tooth.

It’s this fundamental synergy between implant and bone that sets the stage for the next phase: attaching custom-crafted artificial teeth. Porcelain crowns can replace a single lost tooth or more than one tooth. Most often, your general dentist will fabricate and place the replacement tooth.

These aren’t mere placeholders; they are sculpted to complement the unique contours and shades of your existing teeth, ensuring that your smile is as seamless as it is radiant. Beyond aesthetics, this synergy prevents bone loss, a common aftermath of tooth loss, thereby maintaining the structural integrity of your jaw and facial architecture.

This core understanding of dental implants illuminates the pathway to restoring not just teeth, but confidence and quality of life.

Why Our Clinic is the Go-To for Dental Implants in Southern Alberta

SCOMS logo showing strong facial structure and indicating they do dental implant care

Our clinic stands out in the realm of oral maxillofacial surgery and implant dentistry, not merely for our comprehensive expertise but for the deeply personalized care we extend to every patient.

Recognized throughout Southern Alberta, we bring a blend of technical mastery in implant dentistry and empathetic patient interaction that sets us apart. Our team, equipped with the latest advancements in dental implant technology, commits to a standard of excellence in implant dentistry that ensures each patient’s journey toward dental implants is informed, comfortable, and tailored to their individual needs.

The trust and confidence we’ve built within our community stem from this commitment to excellence in implant dentistry and the transformative outcomes we consistently deliver. From the moment you step into our clinic, our dedicated professionals guide you through each phase of the dental implant process with clarity and compassion, addressing concerns and customizing treatment plans to align with your unique dental landscape.

This patient-centric approach in replacing missing teeth (or a missing tooth) yields optimal results and fosters a sense of belonging and assurance among those we serve, reinforcing our position as the preferred choice for dental implants in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Are You A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

A photo of a family with good dental health who would be good candidates for implants

If you are missing teeth, you can consider an implant procedure for a replacement tooth. This minor oral surgery followed by a dental crown is a worthwhile investment.

Deciding to choose dental implants is a significant step toward restoring not only the aesthetics of your smile and your self confidence, but its functionality as well.

However, not everyone is an immediate candidate for dental implants. A key factor in determining your eligibility is the condition of your bone and gums; adequate bone density is essential for the implant to integrate successfully, minimizing the risk of implant failure. Healthy bone and healthy gums are key.

Ideal candidates for dental implants have sufficient bone to support the implant site, as well as good overall oral and general health.

Certain conditions, such as uncontrolled diabetes or heavy smoking, can impair healing and might affect the success of the implant.

If you’re considering this transformative dental solution, a thorough evaluation by our specialized team will ascertain whether dental implants are a viable option for you.

It’s about ensuring that the foundation for your new smile is as strong and reliable as possible, laying the groundwork for a successful, long-lasting outcome.

Demystifying the Dental Implant Procedure

Navigating the journey of receiving dental implants can seem like venturing into unknown territory, but the procedure itself is remarkably streamlined and grounded in simplicity.

The initial step involves the precise insertion of titanium posts into the bone in the location where there is a missing tooth or missing teeth. This dental implant procedure is performed with meticulous care and consideration for your comfort and safety.

This foundational phase is critical, as these posts serve as the new roots for your artificial teeth, integrating with the bone structure to create a strong and lasting bond.

It’s important to note that there are various dental implant procedures available, including immediate load or same-day implants, which can be particularly beneficial for preserving jawbone and facial contour soon after the loss of a tooth.

However, not all patients may be good candidates for these procedures, and it’s crucial to consult an oral surgeon to determine the best treatment plan.

After this surgical insertion, a period of healing is required, during which time the magic of osseointegration takes place. This natural process, where bone fuses to the titanium, is what gives dental implants their notable durability and the feel of natural teeth.

It’s a waiting game that pays dividends in stability and confidence. Before undergoing the dental implant procedure, it’s essential to address any gum disease, as treating this condition is crucial for the success of the implant. Unlike dentures, dental implants do not come with the risk of gum disease, highlighting their advantage in maintaining oral health.

The final act in this transformative process involves attaching the replacement teeth to the now-integrated tooth implants. This step is where customization shines, with each tooth crafted to match the unique characteristics of your smile, ensuring a result that’s as beautiful as it is functional. Tooth replacement with porcelain crowns, generally speaking, leaves you with tooth implants that look like regular teeth. No one will be able to tell the difference.

Throughout this procedure, our team prioritizes your understanding and comfort, demystifying each step and providing a clear path forward. It’s a journey we navigate together, ensuring you feel informed and supported from start to finish.

What Our Patients Have to Say: Testimonials and Success Stories

Our clinic is illuminated by the stories and feedback of those who’ve walked through our doors, seeking a transformation not just in their smiles but in their lives. Each testimonial we receive is a testament to the journey of renewal and confidence that dental implants have facilitated.

One patient shared how, after years of hiding their smile, they now approach life with newfound boldness, their laughter no longer muffled by self-consciousness. Another recounted the joy of savouring flavours and textures of food that were once off-limits, illustrating the profound impact on daily comfort and satisfaction.

These narratives are more than just accounts of successful procedures; they’re vivid chapters in the lives of individuals who have rediscovered the essence of living fully. They speak to the meticulous care and expertise that our team pours into every stage of the dental implant process, but more importantly, they reflect the personal triumphs over challenges that once seemed insurmountable.

Through their stories, our patients underscore the transformative potential of dental implants—not merely in aesthetic terms but in the depth of life’s enjoyment they unlock. Each testimonial is a shared victory, celebrating not only the restoration of natural function and appearance but the resurgence of confidence and well-being that radiates far beyond a smile.

Taking the Next Steps: How to Begin Your Dental Implant Journey in Calgary

These are the doctors that will do the implant procedure under local anesthesia using a small incision

Embarking on your dental implant journey signifies a pivotal step towards reclaiming not just the brilliance of your smile, but the essence of your daily joy and confidence.

Recognizing the significance of this decision, our oral surgeons offer a structured yet compassionate pathway to guide you from contemplation to realization of your dental implant aspirations. Initiating this transformative process is as simple as contacting our team for an initial consultation. This first meeting is more than just an evaluation; it’s an opportunity for open dialogue—a moment to voice your desires, concerns, and to envision the potential that dental implants hold for you.

Our experts will conduct a thorough assessment of your oral health, considering every facet of your unique dental landscape. This comprehensive approach ensures the development of a tailored treatment plan, meticulously crafted to align with your specific needs and objectives. The goal is to not only enhance your smile aesthetically but to fortify your oral health foundation for enduring wellbeing.

Embrace the opportunity to redefine your life’s quality through dental implants. Reach out to us at (403) 271-1665 or request an appointment online, and let’s collaboratively embark on this journey toward a brighter, more confident tomorrow. Your first step is a simple call or message away—let’s begin crafting the future of your smile together.

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